Empresarios present the “Volume Remixed EP”

Artist: Empresarios
Release: Volume Remixed EP
Label: Fort Knox Recordings
Catalog #: FKX053

Release Dates:
Tuesday October 16th, 2012(Beatport Only)
Tuesday October 30th, 2012(Worldwide Release)

1. Para Mis Amigos (Skeewiff Remix)
2. Volume (Rob Paine Remix)
3. Rompan Fila (G-Flux Remix)
4. Estereolismo (Auditors Domination Remix)
5. Para Mis Amigos (Skeewiff Remix Instrumental)
6. Volume (Rob Paine Remix Instrumental)
7. Rompan Fila (G-Flux Remix Instrumental)

The Empresarios released the Volume EP in early July and went on to a summer filled with tour dates, festivals and pool parties. While the guys were busy spreading their “Tropicaliente” sounds far and wide, they enlisted four very talented producers to remix the Volume EP. As is usual with the Empresarios, the end result is a diverse collection of sounds that works equally well at home, in the car or on the dancefloor.

First up is Para Mis Amigos which was given to one of the UK’s premier funk and breaks production teams, Skeewiff. Skeewiff turned Para Mis Amigos into a soulful, swinging slice of boogaloo breaks that is completely irresistible. Longtime friend from Philadelphia, Rob Paine, put his signature Worship Recordings touch on Volume, creating a dubbed out, deep house floor burner. Recent DC transplant from Mexico City, G-Flux is known as “Mr. Space Cumbia” and for good reason, his futuristic digital cumbia remix of Rompan Fila transforms the track entirely. Rounding out the release is Estereolismo, remixed by Greek downtempo masters Auditors Domination who turn the instrumental track into a modern lounge classic.

The Volume Remixed EP is a full package put together by some of the world’s best remixers that covers a wide range of genres. Deep House and breaks, Digital Cumbia and downtempo are all here, combined with the warm, tropical vibes of the Empresarios.

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